Our Guarantee

No Success No Fee

During the first years of our existence, we depict our confidence in providing a “No Success, No Fee” policy valid till 31st December 2020. What this means is that during this period of time, all projects accepted by NZ Medical are exempted from paying a retainer fee for Product Development and Design Costs.

All agreed Product Development and Design costs will only be charged after the product has been registered by the health authority of a country and freely sold in that market.

The charges for Product Development and Design shall be two fold as follows

  • Agreed Product Development and Designing Fee
  • Agreed Revenue percentage sharing for a fixed period of time that usually does not exceed 50% of the life cycle of the product

These charges and fees are agreed at the time of NZ Medical accepting a project. The parties are required to initially sign an NDA provided by NZ Medical and thereafter a commercial agreement between the parties.