NZ Medical

About NZ Medical

A B2B company incorporated in 2018 to provide excellence in the medical devices industry by exploring new technologies such as fibre optics (Medical IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) in therapeutic areas that need more than a human focus. The incorporation of these new technologies will lead to safe and more effective medical devices for the diagnosis and treatment of serious ailments.

We also undertake turn-key projects for developing product lines for large companies in a cost effective and fast-to-market strategy.

Raymond Wood, a professional with several decades of experience having worked on both the supply and demand perspectives;  has the unique ability to match needs with medical devices. His wide exposure to the Asia, Europe and Oceania provides him with the unique insights.

At NZ Medical we additionally have a panel of experts to assist us in the following areas of specialisation.

  • Business Planning; Business Development; Branding (OEM)
  • Regulatory strategy and filings;
  • Market access; market research and assessment;
  • Product Design and Development.
  • Private Label on a turn-key basis
  • Medicalization of new technologies such as fibre optic and AI

Our goal is to become the pre-eminent medical device firm by bringing together world class expertise to our clients and develop their own businesses and brands. All our processes are based on ISO13485:2016 and European MDD/MDR. Draft Copy of QMS Manual which is a work in progress is available for viewing here