New Technologies

Enhancing Existing Medical Devices

New Technology

There are many medical devices in the market that are inefficient and have not truly realised their potential. This is due to the limitations placed on the devices by use of conventional technologies rather than ground breaking technologies currently used by other industries successfully.

We have identified some of these technologies that might be applicable to existing conventional medical devices that could potentially enhance the performance by many times over.

The main areas of technology that will involve the development of these novel technologies adapted for the medical devices are based on a receiver which could be high resolution camera lenses to receive the images, transmission of data such as high volume high speed transmission cables and artificial intelligence systems with a high processing capacity.

There are many companies that are specialists in high resolution camera lenses and systems or as we call it data receiving devices; some of the better known suppliers are mostly based in Japan, China, Taiwan and European countries such as Germany and Switzerland.

There are a plethora of companies that are in artificial intelligence and it wouldn’t be difficult to find one to partner with us in developing these novel technologies. Some of these are already in various stages of trials.

There is also a need for data from the patient for analysis using artificial intelligence. Medical diagnostics require the patient to be awake a lot of the time and without high speed transmissions of terabytes, it will not be practicable. Quality of data is of utmost importance and transmission systems need to ensure that data is not lost in transmission.

NZ Medical will spearhead this initiative but only to enhance existing conventional medical devices and not for developing new devices as there are sufficient large MNC’s investing in this area.

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